ViuHealth Revolutionizes Autoimmune Care:

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Introducing a comprehensive approach to autoimmune care, enhancing day-to-day care between doctor visits

ViuHealth proudly announces the official launch of its innovative platform aimed at transforming autoimmune care for individuals battling autoimmune conditions. Founded by Kwaku Owusu and Melanie Igwe, ViuHealth introduces a comprehensive care program designed to address patient well-being between doctor visits.

The genesis of ViuHealth stemmed from a clear mission: to enable individuals grappling with autoimmune conditions to lead healthier lives. Initially established to provide patients with insights into their medications and connect them to clinical trials, the platform underwent an evolution as its founders recognized a crucial need for patients and physicians.

Patients needed ongoing clinical support to help them manage their day-to-day autoimmune care while physicians were stretched too thin in more ways than one while trying to maintain a high level of care.

Recognizing the challenges faced by patients managing day-to-day autoimmune care and physicians stretched thin, ViuHealth has developed a platform tailored to address these specific needs.

ViuHealth's approach centers on providing one-on-one autoimmune health coaching, stress management, and disease education to patients in between doctor visits. Physicians can leverage ViuHealth to expand their virtual care capacity, enhance patient outcomes, and uncover new revenue opportunities. This approach seamlessly complements the existing clinical trial matching capabilities available to patients.

Reflecting on this transformative journey, Kwaku Owusu, CEO and co-founder of ViuHealth, expressed immense gratitude and pride in the team's dedication. "Our mission to improve the lives of those facing autoimmune diseases remains the cornerstone of everything we do. As we step into a new year, I wanted to share our story, our growth, and, more importantly, the boundaries we will push to help improve outcomes."

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About ViuHealth:

ViuHealth is a leading provider of virtual care solutions focused on chronic care management for individuals with autoimmune conditions. The company's innovative approach combines a dedicated Care Team with personalized analytics, technology, and data science to empower patients to take control of their health.

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