Our Story

We began as DrugViu, a platform to help people living with autoimmune disease consolidate their fragmented medical history. Today, over 35,000 members have trusted us to help them take control of their medical records. Working with 200 small practices, 300 teaching hospitals, and 1,400 community hospitals, we have enabled more patients to take control of their medical data than any other platform.

After listening to thousands of our members, from our community roundtables to our one-on-one discussions, it became clear that the complexities of autoimmune diseases result in different health journeys for everyone. One-size-fits-all blanket solutions on the market did little to improve the lives of autoimmune patients, providing ineffective suggestions on managing chronic illnesses.

Taking matters into our own hands, we worked with our members, patient advocacy groups, and specialized clinicians to leverage our vast clinical data to build an evidence-based, whole-person autoimmune digital care solution that could be tailored to each patient's unique journey. With ViuHealth, members are connected to a dedicated care team, have access to a supportive community, and participate in a suite of autoimmune-focused wellness programs designed to personalize their day-to-day autoimmune care.

Our Mission

ViuHealth exists to enable every autoimmune patient to live their life to the fullest, every day.

Our Values

Be Caring

We are all here because of our passion to make the lives of those living with autoimmune better.

Be Transparent

We believe in being transparent and honest to each other, our users, and our partners.

Be Impactful

We try our best in everything we do in order to deliver the most positive impact to one another and our users.

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